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1. Taste of San Antonio (WHOLE BEAN)
2. Taste of San Antonio (GROUND)
3. 2 lb. Taste of San Antonio - Value Size Bag
4. Taste of Austin
5. Taste of the Hill Country

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Decaf Bavarian Hazelnut - 1.75 oz. Trial Size
Decaf Bavarian Hazelnut - 1.75 oz. Trial Size
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Our price: $1.49
2 lb. Taste of San Antonio - Value Size Bag
2 lb. Taste of San Antonio - Value Size Bag
See details

Our price: $17.99
Decaf Colombian Bucaramanga Supremo - 1.75 oz. Trial Size
Decaf Colombian Bucaramanga Supremo - 1.75 oz. Trial Size
See details

Our price: $1.49
Houston Blend (GROUND)
Houston Blend (GROUND)
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Our price: $8.99

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I first tried Taste of San Antonio while stationed in San Antonio in the 90's. I was not a fan of flavored coffees at the time, however, one taste and I was hooked. It is great to have a way of buying my favorite coffee since I now live in Florida. I have introduced your great coffee to many of my friends, some of them even order on-line themselves. I also like the Houston Blend. Your taste of San Antonio to me is simply the best coffee and each morning our house has that wonderful smell. Thank you. Ever consider opening an HEB in Northwest Florida?
Andre Holland

HEB is the best coffee! Never much enjoyed coffee due to the bitterness, but HEB is different. First tried it when my now fiance moved from TX to KY and MADE me try it, from then I was hooked! Now when I give it to neighbors and friends they get hooked. There is no comparison. My fiance is in Iraq right now and I order it for him and his guys stationed there. They have ordered from Germany and many other places, but since HEB they haven't let up on me to get them more coffee! Thanks HEB
Tammy Winchester, KY

We're native San Antonians living in Alabama. For many years now, we've loaded up on Taste of San Antonio when we have the opportunity to come home. Trying to board an airplane with 10 lbs of whole bean coffee stuffed in the carry on luggage will get you pulled aside for a individual screening, however.

We're delighted that we can now order Taste of San Antonio and other favorite flavors on-line. It makes getting through airport lines easier and its great to be able to share the unique tastes of our home state with friends here in the deep south.

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