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1. Taste of San Antonio (WHOLE BEAN)
2. Taste of San Antonio (GROUND)
3. 2 lb. Taste of San Antonio - Value Size Bag
4. Taste of Austin
5. Taste of the Hill Country

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Cinnamon Hazelnut (GROUND)
Cinnamon Hazelnut (GROUND)
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Moka Java
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French Roast - 1.75 oz. Trial Size
French Roast - 1.75 oz. Trial Size
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Decaf Texas Pecan - 1.75 oz. Trial Size
Decaf Texas Pecan - 1.75 oz. Trial Size
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Our price: $1.49

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I'm Texan through and through, and I LOVE your coffee so much, I brought it with me when came to China this year to teach English. Now, my friends are starting to love it, too--and the Americans I know constantly ask, "So can we have some of that Austin? San Antonio?" A few who are returning to the states this year were a little sad because they aren't Texans--and we didn't know you have a website until today. I can't tell you how excited they are!!! Do you ship overseas???

I LOVE the Taste of Texas coffees and buy the other flavored coffees from time to time. I am now working in the Dallas area that does not have HEB stores. I was thrilled to find I can buy online.

I began drinking this coffee when I lived in TX. We live in Oklahoma now and I love that I can order it online. It is so good I have converted several friends here to drinking it too. Once you have this coffee, the rest are so inferior in taste and quality. We especially love all the "taste of Texas" flavors.
Janice Lance

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